CRSRI representative participates in the 6th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry on Environmental Chemistry

Source:CRSRI Author:Lin Li Date:2011-10-12

The 6th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry (6th NCEC) was held in Shanghai in September 21 to 24. Dr. Lin Li from CRSRI participated in the conference.??

More than 1600 experts and scholars in the field of environmental chemistry from all around the world participated in this conference. 1995 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians of the US Academy of Science and the Royal Canadian Academy of Science gave the keynote speeches in the conference.

The?themes included air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, analytical chemistry and environmental toxicology. Dr. Lin Li submitted her article named ‘’Microwave-enhanced reduction of Cr(VI) in contaminated soil” and discussed? with other participants.

During the meeting, Dr. Lin Li not only discussed and exchanged with other participants, but also publicized the research fields and scientific research strength of CRSRI. Through discussion and exchange with Prof. Jerry Schnoor, the chief editor of “Environmental Science & Technology”, Prof. Jiang Guibing, a member of the Chinese Academy of Science, and other participants, Dr. Lin Li had a more profound understanding of all the related topics.