Scientific Expedition of CRSRI in Source Areas of Changjiang River and Lanchang River has been Successfully Completed

Source:CRSRRI Author:Wang Dong Date:2017-07-11

??? From May 31 to June 7, the scientific expedition team made up of 34 people from Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI),Water Conservancy Bureau of Qinghai Province and Qinghai University, completed the task of the expedition on Geladandong Snow Mountain and the source of Changjiang River and Lancang River. Sha Zhigui, Vice president of CRSRI was the leader of the team, and Guo xiling, the former president of CRSRI was the adviser. This is the ninth scientific expedition organized by CRSRI since 2012.
??? The scientific expedition lasted 8 days, with 12 work hours a day. The expedition contents involve river regime and water ecological environment, water resources, soil erosion, topography, glaciers and permafrost. Through expedition, more than twenty samples are collected in total, and substantial results have been achieved. The mileage on foot to the Gangjiaquba glacier is the longest in all the past expedition of CRSRI,? the panoramic shooting data of the Gangjiaquba glacier taken by unmanned aerial vehicle are also the valuable first-hand materials for the study of glacier retreat in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The triplophysa is found at 5300m altitude for the first time, which was the highest altitude founding fish by the domestic scientific research institutes. Meanwhile, the team also collected the samples of permafrost, animals, plants, rocks, ice cores around the glacier, which is helpful for the researchers to better understand the ecological environment around the glacier. These achievements have laid the foundation for further study of the water and ecological environment of the plateau.